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Miroslava Rakovic.

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Apollo and Daphne
Jakob Auer (ca. 1645 - 1706)
Vienna, before 1688

In his Metamorphoses, Ovid tells of the nymph Daphne, who eluded the desires of the sun god Apollo by turning herself into a laurel tree (Greek daphne, laurel).
The two-figure group depicts the beginning of this transformation. In travel reports from the Baroque period, this virtuoso piece of carving was already considered a major work of the Viennese imperial treasury.

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The Emperors, WY

David Pirrie

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William Eggleston

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chiaki kuriyama in 神話少女 (1997)

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‘lust for life’; nathaniel brown and paz de la huerta photographed by nan goldin

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Yoshimoto Nara - Oh My God! I Miss You

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A few late night party photos from Phoot Camp / Joshua Tree, CA / September 2014

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helen butler

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